It’s not that we don’t believe in formal education, but we believe that we are all natural learners. Being a SelfMade means that you’ve been through or in the process of shaping yourself with your own initiative. It’s because you want to act on your passion, that’s what makes you a SelfMade.

SelfMade is a true embodiment of the ‘making’ culture. It’s a community of learners, makers and all kinds of creative people. Being a SelfMade makes you appreciate hard work and perseverance of skill building, therefore appreciate other’s works even more. This is the time for you to make a difference by equipping yourself with the know-how and surround yourself in the SelfMade community.


INDOESTRI is a accessible and innovative 2000 m2 makerspace located at West of Jakarta. We provide a wide variety of tools and machinery at the second floor of our makerspace to equip people to explore in four of our focused disciplines: textile & leather, metalworking, woodworking, and surface. Our goal is to provide the resources, education and community for creative minds to make, invent, prototype and explore without boundaries.

We are always looking forward and planning to grow bigger and stronger every day, and to always stick by our four core values:

  • youth: we believe that being young is about being intertwined with newness, being present, and having fun no matter what are you are. Although we embrace the majority of youth in the intersection of 20 - 35 years old, we also welcome anyone, from students to the retired, to join our who join Indoestri Makerspace workshops, programs, and events.
  • process: we live by the #SelfMade spirit. we believe that process is more important than the destination itself. As Indoestri founder Leonard Theosabrata once said, "The journey is irreplaceable, even by the destination itself."
  • community: Indoestri has a great community of learners who come here for the same purpose and reason, and that is to know about the process of making things and ideas happen.
  • premium: we strive to deliver the best value for our customers in terms of program, skills, instructor, and service.

These four core values have become the deeply ingrained ground rule and foundation that guide us from day one.

Our main program is our One-Day Workshops. We hold an average of two to three one-day workshops every Saturday throughout the the year, never missing a day. Our daily classes can enhance a growing career or satiate a long time desire to start a new skill. We host a variety class topics such as design, wood working, metal working, business, jewelry, drawing and much more. Indoestri Day, our signature event that we hold semiannually, is an open house that is open for public and is free of entry. Live demonstration by makers, #SelfMadePeople talkhow, and Pasar Indoestri are some of the popular activity during the occasion.