Indoestri Day 8 - In Process We Trust, In Craft We Believe

Written by Isabella Lau Thursday, 18 June 2020

Indoestri Day 8, which took place at our makerspace from the 14th- 16th of September, was better than we could ever imagine. Indoestri Day 8 was all about showcasing makers who immerse themselves in their passion to create new and challenging projects, those who are fully engaged in the making process.

Indoestri Day 8 was done in an entirely different format. Each visitor was given a pamphlet containing a map of the entire 2000m2 makerspace and were free to walk around and visit the area of more than a dozen makers. Each maker prepared activities for visitors to try out, all for free. Aside from that, products by makers were for sale as well during the event.

The #SelfMade showcase was interactive and full of exciting hands-on experience for visitors to enjoy. We believe that people can come and understand the importance of the making process, and why preserving the craft matters, through the experience.

Our makerspace was filled with a dozen of (scheduled) activities and events visitors got to enjoy, such as Leather Watch Strap Making with Lima Watch & Born Goods, Land Rover Fabrication Works with Crocworks, Artist Talk with Fransisca Angela and Kamboja Press, Corn Grilling with Coffee Log by The Upcycling Company, Demonstration of the Effects of Manual Brew Tools with Dotto Coffee, and many more.

All-day activities include Communal Weaving with Willow Folk Studio, Treat-Your-Goods Station with Mr. Tjhin, Repotting Station by Taman Hayat & Sang Tanah, Annual Cash & Carry Furniture Sale by Ideal Living, Coffee Grounds Exchange with The Upcycling Company.

We are grateful for everyone who played a part in making the weekend a complete blast! More than 500 people came. We saw new and familiar faces, both we were so happy to see and got to know better.

Visitors, tenants, our sponsor, media partners, and just every single being that is part (or not part) of Indoestri and Indoestri Day, thank you! This is a great milestone and we cannot wait to keep going and keep on creating. See you at the next Indoestri event!

We hope that everyone who came enjoyed Indoestri Day 8, got inspired, and hatched a plan for that one goal that has been high on their to-do list, and hopefully already took the first step towards their #SelfMade journey. If you haven’t, start today!

Printing for Indoestri Day 8 was sponsored by DGRA printing

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