The CORE program is a program that offers courses that target your company’s core competencies. We can tailor courses to meet your exact needs, to strengthen employee skills, both soft or hard skills, for long term success of your company.


What Makes Core Different ?

We know that every company’s needs vary, so flexibility is key. We are open for discussion as to what your company needs, and what we can offer. We offer more than 25 course that we can bring to you, and more than 60 courses your company can participate in right here at our makerspace.

Select and combine different types of workshops and courses according to your company’s needs. Equipping your employees with new skills can improve performance, reduce errors, build confidence, and create an overall better working environment.

We believe that an investment in your employees’ skill set is an investment in your company.

Who Will be Involved ?

Our line of instructors for this program consists of practitioners who are dedicated to working with you to create the best possible training for your company.

Expect hands-on and practical knowledge to be thrown in the classroom setting, as well as interactive teaching method being applied throughout the course.

What Should You Expect from the Program ?

Expect employees with boosted and fueled creative thinking after the workshop. A team of employees who feels adequate and supported by the company will increase their commitment to deliver exceptional performance, and greater consistency.

Your current employees are your next generation of leaders. Equip them with fresh skills and competencies. Help them achieve work-life balance, and there will be an enhancement of personal ownership and empowerments of your employees to continually improve company’s overall performance.

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